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Embracing a Greener Future: Braga's Green City Pact

In November 2020, Braga pledged to the Green City Pact, envisioning cities as vibrant and healthy places for citizens by 2030. 🌍🌿 With a focus on five key areas, the municipality has taken remarkable strides towards sustainability:

🌬️ Improving Air Quality: Braga established the BUILD - Decarbonization Laboratory and introduced air quality sensors. The School Bus reduces private vehicles by bringing kids to school. Zoning measures ensure safer vehicle circulation. The city's efforts were recognized with an "A" rating from the CDP.

💦 Efficient Water Use: With two Blue Flags and new beach infrastructure, Braga enhanced water quality. River Este and Cávado were closely monitored, and a water consumption platform was launched. The Project Rios adopted the entire Este River, while public spaces welcomed biodiversity-enhancing ponds.

🦋 Fostering Urban Biodiversity: Green spaces like Picoto Park and Camélias Urban Park were created or restored. Pedestrian paths and Braga Explorer enriched outdoor experiences. Biodiversity was inventoried, and the Braga Natural photo contest showcased local wildlife. River sections were revitalized with Natural Engineering, and tree-planting initiatives thrived.

♻️ Promoting Circular Economy: Projects like "Cuidar Braga I and II" improved solid urban waste management. Braga distributed composters and recycling bins, while eco-contests engaged citizens and schools. Urban and school gardens flourished, fostering sustainability.

🔇 Reducing Noise Pollution: Braga expanded electric vehicle usage and charging points. The Cávado Ecovia and cycle paths enhanced alternative transportation options. Pedestrian zones were extended, promoting a quieter city.

Braga's commitment to the Green City Pact is a testament to its dedication to a greener and more sustainable future for all. #GoGreenProject #Environment #GreenFuture  #Portugal #EuropeanGreenDeal

Testimony given by Ana Cristina Costa

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